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Dean + being sick of the bullshit

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"I need your help because you are the only one who’ll help me.”

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domestic samdean meme: sharing clothes (x; x; x)

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Sam + Winchester Logic

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supernatural scenery › season six

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10 years of Sam & Dean   Sammy

#this is like the best thing ever #how bad ass Dean still calls his equally bad ass brother Sammy, it is so fucking adorable 

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Rufus Turner appreciation for anon

SPN Women of Color | Cassie Robinson

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Listen to me. You’ve got this dark pit inside you, I know. Believe me, I know. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall into it. You don’t have to be a monster. It doesn’t matter what you are, it only matters what you do. It’s your choice.

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Castiel, season five


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