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POSTER REMAKE | Sherlock series 1 & 2

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Sherlock Holmes + eyebrow wrinkling.

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Anon requested: Lestrade’s different names

Fun fact: Arthur Conan Doyle never gave Lestrade’s first name. It was always Inspector G. Lestrade which is why Sherlock in BBC Sherlock can’t seem to recall Papa Lestrade’s first name. Way to go, BBC!

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Sherlock AU: John’s fondness for a drink escalates since discovering that Mary is not who she claimed to be.

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the women of sherlock

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John + Sassing Mycroft


You told me once that you weren’t a hero. There were times I didn’t even think you were human. But let me tell you this, you were the best man, the most human… human being that I’ve ever known, and no one will ever convince me that you told me a lie, so there.

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Why aren’t they in separate cells, if this one only has one bunk?

Flashback to ASiB, when John cancels his date so that he can put drugged!Sherlock to bed and be there if he needs anything.

What do you want to bet John refused to leave drunk!Sherlock alone and insisted on putting him to bed—er, bunk—and being there if he needed anything. And it was too much trouble to try to separate them, so they just said “your loss” and let John sleep on the floor, sitting by Sherlock’s bedside.

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